• Old Devil Moon0:00
  • They can't take that away from me0:00


It is a vocalist, Kay Matsukawa and Kolker who turn the classic Eden Abhez chart

into a truly gorgeous mystery kept alive by her magical voice

and playing that is bothmajestic and memorable.

K & Neo (a.k.a. FAKiE) 1-bit recording CD "To The Limit", has now been released in Japan as high-resolution re-masterd version on E-Onkyo Music. It is marked #2 on the top 10.  Sorry, this is currently not available in U.S. due to licensing restrictions.​​

To the Limit

K & Neo a.k.a. FAKiE

Daiz Records

  • Human Nature5:12
  • That's the way it goes4:13
  • You've got a friend4:49

- RAUL D'GAMA ROSE -all about jazz


Adam Kolker

ft. Kay Matsukawa

Sunnyside Records

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K & Neo a.k.a. FAKiE

Daiz Records

Kay Matsukawa


K & Neo a.k.a. FAKiE

Daiz Records

​1−bitレコーディング作CD ”To The Limit"がハイレゾ、24bit, 192KHzのリマスター音源での配信がスタートしました。