Kay Matsukawa

Kay Matsukawa

Sunday,  November 16th | 11月16日(日)
52F New York Bar "Unplugged" | 52階 ニューヨークバー ”アンプラグド”
- 7:00pm to 10:45pm
Cover charge 2,200yen

K & Neo

Thursday,  November 27th | 11月27日(木)
- 7:00pm
- 8:15pm
* Regular observatory fee will be required at the entrance.
* 展望台への入場料がかかります。

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Friday,  November 28th | 11月28日(金)
Door open 7:00pm
- 8:00pm
- 9:10pm
Cover charge 3,500yen
*Food, beverages and sales tax are not included.

Reservations are strongly recommended


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Majestic and memorable.

It is vocalist, Kay Matsukawa and Kolker who turn the classic Eden Abhez chart into a truly gorgeous mystery kept alive by her magical voice and playing that is both majestic and memorable.

- RAUL D'GAMA ROSE -all about jazz


... and brings you deeply into the story.

She maneuvers the peaks and valleys and hesitations of this song and brings you deeply into the story. 
- THOMAS CONRAD -JAZZ TIMES "Nature Boy" from "Reflections" by. Adam KolkerSunnyside Records

  • Old Devil Moon0:00
  • They can't take that away from me0:00
  • Nature Boy0:00

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  • Human Nature5:12
  • That's the way it goes4:13
  • You've got a friend4:49

May the New Year bring with it all things beautiful and lovely.


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